Looking for a team to join?

Simply email me and I'll add your information to this page. Please include your name, age, gender, which leg you'll compete in, and some contact information. You may also inlcude any other details that might help people evaluate you as a potential teammate (i.e. "I'm really serious about doing well", "I'm just in it for some fun", or "I promise not to bite"... stuff like that.)



I am looking for a team to join as a cyclist. 56 years old. Former Sport class mountain bike racer (2000’s). Rode in many road century and Gran Fondo rides/races up to 2016. Took a year off from cycling and just started training this month. Looking forward to a fun and competitive day!

Ron Van Hoosear
Columbus, MT


My name is Kathryn Eklund and I am looking for a team to join as a runner. I am 23 years old and am currently training for my first full marathon. I will be running this as a training run, and expect to be middle of the pack but full of smiles! 
Kathryn Eklund
Red Lodge, MT